Pokémon - Journeys
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Episode 1 Enter Pikachu! Episode 2 Legend? Go! Friends? Go! Episode 3 Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower! Episode 4 Settling the Scorebunny! Episode 5 Mind-Boggling Dynamax! Episode 6 Working My Way Back to Mew! Episode 7 Serving Up the Flute Cup! Episode 8 The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! Episode 9 Finding a Legend! Episode 10 A Test in Paradise! Episode 11 Best Friend... Worst Nightmare! Episode 12 Flash of the Titans! Episode 13 The Climb to Be the Very Best! Episode 14 Raid Battle in The Ruins! Episode 15 A Snow Day for Searching! Episode 16 A Chilling Curse! Episode 17 Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow! Episode 18 Destination: Coronation! Episode 19 A Talent for Imitation! Episode 20 Dreams Are Made of These! Episode 21 Caring for a Mystery! Episode 22 Goodbye, Friend! Episode 23 Panic in the Park! Episode 24 A Little Rocket R & R! Episode 25 A Festival Reunion! Episode 26 Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown! Episode 27 Toughing It Out! Episode 28 Sobbing Sobble! Episode 29 There's a New Kid in Town! Episode 30 Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered! Episode 31 The Cuteness Quotient! Episode 32 Time After Time! Episode 33 Trade, Borrow, and Steal! Episode 34 Solitary and Menacing! Episode 35 Gotta Catch a What?! Episode 36 Making Battles in the Sand! Episode 37 That New Old Gang of Mine! Episode 38 Restore and Renew! Episode 39 Octo-Gridlock at the Gym! Episode 40 A Crackling Raid Battle! Episode 41 Pikachu Translation Check... Up to Your Neck! Episode 42 Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald! Episode 43 Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day! Episode 44 Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus! Episode 45 Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken! Episode 46 Getting More Than You Battled For! Episode 47 Crowning the Chow Crusher! Episode 48 A Close Call... Practically! Episode 49 Chloe And The Very Mysterious Eevee Episode 50 Galar's Fossils! Stick 'em Together!! Episode 51 The Great Farfetch'd Trial! Episode 52 Hands-On Agriculture Studies! Where is Diglett?! Episode 53 Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!! Episode 54 Sobble:Impossible!! Episode 55 The Tale of You and Me in Glimwood Tangle! Episode 56 Elite Four Wikstrom! The House of Chivalry Episode 57 Love is a Psyduck! Episode 58 Panic! Gulpin Ball!! Come on, Chewtle - The Turtle Race! Episode 59 The Lost Grookey! Who is the Trainer!? Episode 60 Aim to Be a Leek Master! Charge with Chivalry!! Episode 61 Leave It to Us! Plusle Minun Handymen!! Episode 62 Damp Drizzile Episode 63 Challenge! The Pokémon Marine Obstacle Course!! Episode 64 Episode 64 Episode 65 Episode 65 Episode 66 Episode 66 Episode 67 Episode 67 Episode 68 Episode 68
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Pokémon - Journeys

Join Satoshi accompanied by his partner Pikachu, as he travels through many regions, meets new friends and faces new challenges on his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Networks: TV Tokyo

Release: 1997-04-01

Status: Returning Series


Quality: HD

Rating: 7.3

Alternative Titles: Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, ポケモン, 神奇寶貝, Pocket Monsters, Pokémon the Series, Pokémon: Indigo League, Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands, Pokémon: The Johto Journeys, Pokémon: Johto League Champions, Pokémon: Master Quest, Pokémon: Advanced, Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, Pokémon: Advanced Battle, Pokémon: Battle Frontier, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors, Pokémon: Black & White, Pokémon: Black & White: Rival Destinies, Pokémon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova, Pokémon: XY, Pokémon: XY: Kalos Quest, Pokémon: XYZ, Pokémon: Sun & Moon, Pokémon: Sun & Moon: Ultra Adventures, Pokémon: Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends, Pokémon Journeys, Bảo Bối Thần Kì Pokémon

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